The Vulture mobile, wireless, control room monitored and highly effective CCTV surveillance system for building sites, construction sites, events and farms.
Protecting your valuable plant and machinery 24/7.

Vulture CCTV Infographic
Installing the trailer on site
Setting up a Vulture CCTV trailer
The Vulture CCTV system
Control room for remote monitoring of CCTV

How the Vulture can solve your remote Security needs

Vulture Technology

Technology covers nearly everything necessary for a remote security solution with SWL staff providing monitoring and support. Notification is automatically given to our control room staff of any movement within proximity of the Vulture, which is then investigated with video verification built into the Vulture. Control room officers can then react with the appropriate response.

Equipment and plant protection

SWL Security Vulture can include Geo Fencing and tracking of plant that can mean the difference between lost property and a swift recovery of expensive items.

SWL Security Services

What sets Vulture remote security solution apart in the technological age is our dedication to keeping our service human. Our alarms and CCTV are monitored by dedicated SIA licensed SWL Security staff; faults, failures and breaches are responded to by our officers and a human member of staff is available to our customers 24 hours a day at one simple number.


A man has secretly been stalking your property seeking knowledge of the most opportune times for intrusion without anyone noticing for the last three weeks, looking for any perimeter weaknesses and taking note of your site activity.

Site presence



The Vulture is a commanding physical deterrent for any site in which it is deployed.


Unknown to the potential intruder, a Vulture mobile CCTV unit has been deployed to your site. As the potential intruders stalking brings him closer to the site, he notices a prominent and commanding trailer, covered with CCTV cameras and a large loudspeaker labelled Vulture. In most cases, the potential intruder will think twice, abandon his intentions for your site and find a weaker site to target.  

Remote monitoring



The Vulture includes 24-hour monitoring from our state of the art alarm receiving centre. Notification is automatically given to our control room staff of any movement within proximity of the Vulture.


In this case, the potential intruder decided to take his chances and continued onto the site despite the presence of The Vulture. 

Movement detection



Any movement detection in proximity of The Vulture triggers an alarm in our control room and points our advanced Point-Tilt-Zoom cameras in the direction of the movement that has been detected. The control room staff can then verify if there is any intrusion on site any time, day or night.


Your intruder has continued across site and triggered The Vulture and our control room guard has made a visual verification of the intruder.

Remote verbal warning



The control room guard will initially engage with any intruder via remote loudspeaker. A verbal deterrent that includes warning of calling police and security officers.


Your intruder is startled by the loud verbal warning…most intruders would make a quick getaway at this point…unfortunately, in this case, the intruder waves at the camera and continues towards a site container that is full of expensive equipment.

Agreed response



We will agree a response with you ahead of time in the case of any site incidents. This response could include one or more of the following:

In the case of video verified theft or vandalism, our control room guard will notify the police via 999 on your behalf.

In the case of trespass, unverifiable alarms and naturally occurring site damage we will follow the process you agree which could involve:

  • Our control room guard calls your site key holder
  • Our control room guard calls your contracted key holding and alarm response provider
  • Our control room guard dispatches our own alarm response and key holding officers.
  • We will work with you to find the best solution for your situation.


Your intruder breaks into the container and our control room guard proceeds to dial 999 who dispatch first responders who arrest your intruder as he is walking away from site with your equipment. Meanwhile, the control room staff, who have been recording and monitoring your intruder, have dispatched one of our alarm response and key holding officers who arrives on site and secures your property.

Peace of mind



You have had to do nothing and can continue to sleep with complete peace of mind.


Your intruder has been arrested, our control room guard has created a report of the incident, e-mailed it to you whilst the alarm response key holding officer has collected recorded video from The Vulture and delivered to our control room. Your site has remained safe and secure despite the intrusion. You arrive at your site the next morning, having slept the entire night without interruption. You have no clue that there was an intrusion the night before until you read the e-mail from our control room guard. We collate evidence and send it to you and the police. You have had to do nothing and can continue to sleep with complete peace of mind.

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